Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 80


BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: L’Oréal Paris’ TikTok vs Instagram approach

L’Oréal Paris earned the second-highest Brand Vitality Score (VIT) in France in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a report by influencer marketing-tracking platform Traackr. VIT is Traackr’s metric to understand the performance of social-media content that mentions a brand and takes into account a brand’s visibility, impact and brand trust on social media. 

Unlike other brands covered in the report that received most of their VIT from small- or mid-sized influencers, the lion’s share of L’Oréal Paris’ VIT came from top-tier influencers (one million or more followers) on TikTok. While Instagram outpaced TikTok posts by 179% in the fourth quarter, TikTok still earned L’Oréal Paris the most VIT. 

On the short-video app, hair routine videos performed best, says the report. Of these videos, the top performing came from influencers such as Christina (@christina_mt), Rose Theron (@rose.thr) and Lola (@lolaaa.ytb). In the posts they use L’Oréal Paris’ Elseve Dream Length treatment to make their hair look “perfect” in eight seconds. All three of the videos were sponsored posts.

However, the brand’s strategy differs on Instagram. Instead of focusing on a certain content theme, L’Oréal Paris concentrates efforts on Instagram via its #lorealparisfamily ambassadors. This includes influencers ranging from top to VIP (one million to five million plus followers) and creators such as Lea Elui Ginet (@leaelui), Baptiste Giabiconi (@baptiste.giabiconi) and Romane Stonem (@romy). Their posts on Instagram promote the brand’s make-up and skincare products through a mix of videos and stagnant posts mixed with the influencers’ personal style.