Social media buzz from Retail & Tech No7

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media

The #shelfie hashtag, which originally started with users posting images of what was on their bookshelves, continues to gather steam in cosmetics with beauty bloggers and enthusiasts posting #shelfies of their vanity sets and bathroom shelves.

Most images either include skincare or make-up shelves, with users tagging the brands of their favorite products.

Some users have taken to the #igtopshelfie trend to showcase their most coveted products, most notably premium skincare. The hashtag shows users posting their recent favorites or trustworthy go-to products, and will list their step-by-step routine in the caption, or detail products’ descriptions and benefits.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, users showcase their beauty #shelfies accompanied by voiceover or text, sharing their everyday products, their latest buys, most repurchased items and products they regret buying.

Some show their #shelfie transformation with before and after videos of built-in shelves and vanities. Others use the trend to go through their shelves and tell users whether or not to buy products with a simple yes or no.