Superdrug launches quiet hour

UK-based retailer Superdrug (A.S. Watson Group) is launching a new initiative in its stores aimed at providing customers with special needs a more comfortable shopping experience.

Starting December 5, Superdrug is implementing a “quiet hour” in every store nationwide during the first hour of trading every Sunday.

The move is positioned as creating a safer and more inclusive shopping experience for those who may need a quieter and calmer environment to shop in. The retailer notes that loud and busy environments can be challenging for some consumers, especially those who are autistic or neuro diverse.

The initiative is aimed at supporting autistic and other neuro diverse customers’ needs, in addition to those who are more comfortable with a quieter shopping experience. This includes customers who might be nervous about visiting the high street during the pandemic, says Superdrug.

The quiet hour will see the store radio be turned off and employees be mindful of noises such as considering volume when communicating to colleagues or arriving for shifts. Where possible, some stores will offer a quiet room. This will allow shoppers the time and space time to process information in a less stimulating environment, says the retailer.

Superdrug says it worked closely with the disability network steering group to launch the initiative.

The quiet hour is part of the retailer’s ‘Be Kind Shop Kind’ campaign which launched in 2020. The campaign aims to make Superdrug stores a safe and inclusive environment for all consumers.

Superdrug has 830 stores across the UK and Ireland and retails health and beauty products.