Typology launches new CBD range

France-based brand Typology has launched a new range of what it calls highly concentrated CBD products, designed to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation. The launch comes after three years of monitoring advances in research and regulations.

The range currently consists of two products: A face oil and salve mask. However, Typology told BW Confidential that it is looking to develop more CBD products in the future and is currently working on a face scrub.

The face oil contains 650mg of CBD and six botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to soothe skin and reduce redness. It is to be applied at night.

The salve mask contains 240mg of CBD and features an oil-in-gel texture, which Typology claims reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and calms skin discomfort. To facilitate rinsing, it transforms into a milk-like solution upon contact with water.

The products were developed for sensitive, fragile skin prone to all types of redness (such as imperfections, dilated micro-vessels and hypersensitivity), as well as dry, dehydrated and tight skin. They are formulated without fragrance, essential oils or preservatives. The ingredients are 100% natural and are Cosmos Natural certified by Cosmécert, Typology says.

The range will be available from today June 21, 2023 exclusively on Typology’s website.

CBD in cosmetics was first authorized in France in 2021. Since then, Typology says that around 100 scientific publications have found that CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin.

Typology was launched in 2019. Founder Ning Li told BW Confidential that the Covid pandemic was beneficial for the online-only brand, as it gave it an opportunity to compete against other retailers such as Sephora. In addition, Li said consumers have become more health-focused and want products with fewer ingredients that are more natural.

After seeing success in the US and Germany, Li said he plans to expand the brand into Asia.