Verescence expands PCR glass offer

Verescence Verre Infini 20

Glass manufacturer Verescence has launched a new glass composition aimed at expanding its post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass production globally.

Called Verre Infini 20, the new glass formulation combines 20% PCR and a glass tint that Verescence says responds to luxury brands’ needs. Verre Infini 20 is already being produced in France and Spain. The offer will be rolled out in the US in the first quarter of 2022 and in South Korea in 2023.

The new composition is part of the manufacturer’s strategy, ‘Verescence 2022 – Forming the Future’. Launched in 2019, the plan aims to establish Verescence as the global reference in the sustainable beauty industry. It includes a €122m investment plan to help improve the company’s processes and launch more eco-friendly designs.

Verescence claims it has pioneered the use of PCR glass for several years with its Verre Infini 40 glass, which contains 40% PCR.

Verescence CSR Director Alain Thorré said that the manufacturer has invested more than €1m to adapt its furnaces to produce recycled glass. Some 75% of Verescence’s products worldwide will be made from PCR glass by 2022, Thorré added.