Beauty brands pause social-media for climate change awareness

Some 100 beauty and wellness brands are pausing social-media activity in the US for 24 hours in a bid to advocate for solutions to climate change.

The move is part of CodeRed4Climate, a project developed by skincare brand Versed and nonprofit media lab Fossil Free Media.

CodeRed4Climate will become Planet A, which is described as a movement of collaboration and action among brands that will offer a blueprint for climate action for other industries.

The social media pause, taking place today, urges consumers to join the participating brands in calling their representatives to urge for new climate policy. The CodeRed4Climate website includes the number consumers need to call, in addition to a script of what to say.

Some participating brands, including Versed, Youth To The People and Tower 28 Beauty, are also shutting down their e-commerce sites for the day. The shutdown is accompanied by an open letter to US congress indicating the business leaders’ support for lawmaker action on climate, in addition to a pledge of continued climate action signed by many of the brands.

The participating brands range from small- and medium-sized independent brands to publicly listed companies, says CodeRed4Climate, and cover the skincare, make-up, haircare, personal care, fragrance, supplements and retail categories. Brands include e.l.f. Cosmetics, Milk Makeup, Sol de Janeiro and BoxyCharm, among others.

The CodeRed4Climate platform urges US lawmakers to support climate policy in four areas:

  • Clean Electricity Payment Program that cuts emissions and modernizes the grid
  • Directing 40% of funding to frontline communities
  • Ending subsidies for fossil fuel corporations
  • Formation of a Civilian Climate Corps that puts people to work