CEW France unveils 2023 Achiever Awards

The CEW France Achiever Awards ceremony took place in Paris last night. This year’s event was a double celebration, marking the 10th anniversary of the Achiever Awards and the 30th anniversary of the Centres de Beauté, which provide beauty treatments to patients suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

To mark this anniversary, the board of CEW France created three special prizes focused on the efforts, companies and individuals involved in Les Centres de Beauté.

In all, there were a total of 11 awards in 10 categories.

This year, BW Confidential once again partnered with the CEW France to create a special-edition magazine featuring the award winners and nominees. BW Confidential donates a portion of the advertising revenues from this special edition to Les Centres de Beauté, and wishes to thank Chanel, LVMH and Greentech for their support.


The CEW France Achiever Award winners 2023:

Career Achiever

Fabienne Mauny – CEO Diptyque 

CSR Engagement Achiever

Virginie Courtin – Managing Director Clarins 

CSR Engagement Young Entrepreneur

Arnaud Lancelot – Cofounder and CEO of organic cosmetics brand Cozie

Creator Achiever

Sophie Labbé – Principal Perfumer at Firmenich

CEO Achiever

Kelly Massol – Founder of haircare brand Les Secrets de Loly

Young Entrepreneur Achiever

Marc Briant-Terlet and Kim Mazzilli – Cofounders of men’s cosmetics brand Horace

Innovation Achiever

Marc Bonnevay – Deputy Managing Director of SCM Cosmétiques and Neomist

Young Achiever

Agathe Chadelas and Charline Robert – Cofounders of vegan make-up brand Pomponne

Special Prizes for Les Centres de Beauté’s 30th Anniversary

Sponsorship Achiever Award


Pioneering Initiative Achiever Award

IFF for its olfactory workshops

Solidarity Commitment Achiever Award

The Coordinators of CEW France’s Les Centres de Beauté

Candidates for the Achiever Awards were suggested by CEW France members and media partners. A jury made up of experts, CEW members and journalists examined the candidates and drew up a shortlist for each prize. The association’s board then validated the choice of nominees and the CEW’s members voted for the winners.

The CEW France members voted for four Achiever Awards.

The Career Achiever Award, CSR Engagement Achiever Award, CSR Engagement Young Entrepreneur Achiever Award, and Creator Achiever Award were chosen by the jury.

The 30th anniversary Centres de Beauté awards were chosen by the board of CEW France’s Centres de Beauté.

Members of the jury:

  • Oonagh Phillips, BW Confidential Editor in Chief 
  • Annie Begnaud, AB Agency Business Development and Innovation Strategist
  • Laurence Dorlhac, Beauty Journalist at Télématin and France 2
  • Emmanuelle Dumas, Marketing Manager at M.A Wellness and Beauty
  • Vincent Gallon, CEO, Founder and Managing Editor at Premium Beauty News
  • Armelle Kermoal, A Beauty Vision Founder
  • Sandra Maguarian, Show Director and Co-Founder of Makeup In
  • Jasmine Salmi, Journalist at l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques
  • Chantal Soutarson, Creator of Beauty Toaster and the Podcast Je Lance Ma Startup