Marionnaud opens new store concept

The skincare space at Marionnaud’s new store

A.S.Watson-owned retailer Marionnaud has launched a new-generation store with a focus on eco-design, connected beauty and personalization.

The 271m2 (2,917ft2) store located in the 4 Temps Mall outside Paris, is part of Marionnaud’s strategy to modernize its store network.

In line with the retailer’s focus on skincare, the category is located at the center of the store. The skincare space features a bar for consultations with BAs and skin diagnostics. Here BAs can also create personalized skincare for clients, using the retailer’s Skin Système Personalized.  The skincare area will also be used for masterclasses hosted by beauty experts.

The store is home to Marionnaud’s first haircare space. In this area consumers can undergo a hair analysis with a BA, who then recommends a haircare routine.

There is also a space devoted to personalized gifting. Here clients can have their fragrances engraved or choose ribbons, stickers and gift bags to personalize their gifts.


Sampling & the environment

In a bid to help consumers choose among a growing beauty offer, the store is home to an automatic sampling device. For skincare, a dispensing machine delivers a small dose of products selected by the consumer. For fragrance, a Paperscent device diffuses one of six perfumes selected by the retailer on a card for consumers to test.

In terms of sustainability, there is a space devoted to recycling and fragrance refills. This includes recycling bins (one for glass and another for other materials). When consumers bring their packs to the store to be recycled, they are rewarded with an immediate 20% reduction on a purchase and 25 loyalty-card points (for a purchase of €10 and over).

The materials used for the store have been sourced mainly from France, with a focus on recyclability. A new air conditioning system uses three times less energy than traditional systems and the lighting relies heavily on LEDs.

The store offers a click-and-collect service. A new feature in this area are lockers in store, allowing shoppers to retrieve their purchases without having to wait in line. There is also a Fast Payment service, which enables store staff equipped with an iPad to transact with consumers anywhere in the store, thereby avoiding a line at the cash desk.  

In terms of assortment, there is an area devoted to Marionnaud’s own brand, while new brands at the store include Elemis, Helena Rubinstein, Patyka, Payot, Elie Saab and Courrèges.