Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 15

Currently trending in beauty

Hemp seed oil. Social-media users have taken to posting product reviews of hemp seed oil-based products, with face and lip oils gaining the most traction. Others post DIY videos showing how to make a cleanser or serum using the oil.


Exfoliating gloves. On average there are 13,100 online searches for exfoliating gloves in the US every month, while interest has grown 25.6% since last year, according to Spate Trend Alerts. The product is said to stimulate the skin’s surface, encourage cell turnover and also reduce ingrown hairs.


Polyglutamic acid. The skincare ingredient is gaining popularity as users suggest it combats “COVID Face,” – that is tired, dull skin due primarily to stress. The acid is derived from soybean and boasts hydrating benefits, helping to reduce the skin’s loss of moisture.