Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 18

Currently trending in beauty

Aloe vera hair masks. On average, there are 5,400 searches for aloe vera hair masks in the US every month, while interest has grown 74.4% since last year, according to Spate Trend Alerts. The platform notes that aloe vera saw a spike in search volume in March when consumers were figuring out how to make hand sanitizer with the plant. The ingredient is now popular in the hair category and the trend is mainly DIY driven. However, Spate indicates that searches for at-home options have shrunk since May. The company adds that, often, when consumers start to DIY a product enough, others start to buy it.


Men’s post-shave balm as primers. As the winter months approach consumers are looking for ways to avoid dry, cracked skin. Social-media users have turned to alternative make-up primers to avoid foundation flaking, particularly around the nose. Users recommend unconventional products, like men’s post-shave balm and eyeshadow primer, as a better way to hold face cosmetics throughout the day.


Reusable make-up removers. Consumers are turning to reusable, cotton-based wipes for make-up removal, as opposed to one-use, paper-based pads in a bid to be more eco-friendly. The wipes can be washed by hand and left to dry overnight.