Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 20

Currently trending in beauty

Chebe powder. This powder, which is a mixture of shrubs that grow in Africa and is used for medicinal purposes, is said to cleanse the scalp and moisturize textured hair. On average, there are 21,000 searches for chebe powder in the US every month and interest has grown 56.4% since last year, according to Spate Trend Alerts. Consumers are showing interest in the natural powder for haircare needs, particularly for hair growth and textured hair. Spate notes that it is a growing category that is driven by non-branded searches.


Weighted eye masks. While the trend has been around since 2018, and usually spikes during the holidays, Spate Trend Alerts notes that it has seen consistent growth in search interest throughout 2020. Interest in these products has grown 82.4% in the US since last year, according to Spate, and is predicted to see even larger search volume this upcoming holiday season as the product makes for an easy gift. The eye mask differs from typical sleeping masks thanks to its weighted aspect, which is said to give a more calming effect, as consumers search for the product to help with sleep, anxiety, dry eyes and headaches. Spate says that there are no brands associated with the trend, but consumers are turning to retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.


Dry shampoo sheets. Consumers are turning to dry shampoo sheets as opposed to using the product in an aerosol can format. The sheets are seen as a quick, on-the-go solution to give hair an extra boost or reduce oil, with some even calling them “blotting sheets for hair.”