Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 22

Currently trending in beauty

Three-dot liner. These products, which is used to fill in the gaps between lashes and meant to complement mascara for a fuller look of lashes, is currently creating a buzz on social media.


Baby wash. Users are turning to baby wash and baby lotion as a solution for sensitive skin, especially heading into the winter months. The Aveeno Bay Wash is listed on Amazon’s Beauty & Personal Care section’s Most Wished For page. Users have also taken to social media to talk about how they use the solution to clean make-up brushes since it is not as harsh as typical soap.


Wine lip tints. These lip products from brands like Volluck and MianYang look like miniature wine bottles and claim to offer long-wear color. On social media, users say they tend to buy the product in packs on Amazon and laud the product’s low price and clever packaging. Users have posted reviews, where they have tested the longevity of the product’s wear and where they show off the packaging design.