Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 24

Currently trending in beauty

Interchangeable cleansing brushes. Consumers are turning to facial cleansing brushes with interchangeable brushes for skincare and personal-care routines. One device from Pixnor is currently under the Most Wished For section on Amazon’s Beauty & Personal Care section. It comes with seven heads that users can change. It includes a pumice stone for foot care, a make-up sponge for make-up removal, a rolling massage head for massaging face and body and various heads with different brushes for facial cleansing.

Refillable hair spray bottles. The Yamyone hair spray bottle, which allows users to fill the bottle with their own product, is currently on Amazon’s Most Wished For list on its Beauty & Personal Care section. It includes a fine mist spray, which users prefer to harsher sprays, and allows consumers to make their own hair products by mixing existing hair sprays with water to dilute product, among other options.

Blue light protection products. Users are increasingly turning to skincare products to protect from blue light, due to increased time at home on computers and phones. The rays are said to contribute to uneven skin tone, skin aging, inflammation and collagen degeneration.