Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 28

Currently trending in beauty

TikTok guyliner. Men have taken to posting eyeliner looks on social-media platform TikTok. Beauty guru James Charles recently posted a YouTube tutorial showing an easy eyeliner technique for men interested in getting in on the trend. Most looks use a felt-tipped black eyeliner pen and include a winged tip or variations, like double wings

Murray’s Original Pomade. The haircare item is trending on social media, with many using it for eyebrow make-up. The US-based brand Murray’s, founded in 1925, retails hair and bodycare products and is known for its Murray’s Original Pomade. Users are taking to it for eyebrow looks thanks to its long-wear durability and affordable price – it retails online at $1.75.

Dark undereyes. Social-media users are posting make-up tutorials on how to achieve a dark undereye look. Tutorials include users applying contour or a brown liquid product to the corners of and underneath the eyes and blending it out, usually with fingers.