Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 80


Currently trending in beauty

Ashwagandha. On average there are 1.3 million searches every month in the US for medicinal herb ashwagandha, according to research company Spate. Searches have grown 46.2% since last year with high competition and seven market leaders. The top three brand leaders by search volume are Goli, Nature Made and KSM-66. Ashwagandha is said to offer health benefits such as improving blood sugar, reducing  inflammation and boosting mood and memory. 

Water. Water is expected to become a standout beauty ingredient in 2022, according to a report on beauty trends by consultancy Kantar. Based on online searches there has been interest in alkaline water, oat water/milk, skincare water, b5 and black water (fermented black rice).

Anime make-up. Searches worldwide are growing for anime make-up looks, with some users turning to specific series for inspiration, according to Kantar. For example, consumers are using contact lenses to mimic an eye look seen in Japanese manga series Naruto called Sharingan. The looks are popular in the Philippines, the US, Canada, India, the UK and Australia. Meanwhile, anime eyes in general are trending throughout Latin America.