Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 81

Currently trending in beauty

Indie sleaze. While the Gen Z-coined term “That Girl” aesthetic associated with meticulous beauty and wellness rituals has been trending on social media for some time, its opposite, known as “Indie Sleaze” is seeing a resurgence, according to a report by Spate. Indie sleaze was an aesthetic that was popular from around 2008 to 2014 and was mostly associated with microblogging and social networking site Tumblr. In beauty, the look featured imprecise and heavy black eyeliner, unkempt hair, bright red lipstick, grown in roots and side-swept bangs.

Silymarin. There are 17.4k searches on average every month in the US for silymarin, an active ingredient naturally derived from milk thistle that is commonly used to treat the liver, but is also said to have skincare benefits. Searches have grown 111.6% since last year with medium competition and one market leader, Skinceuticals, according to Spate. Related searches include terms such as: Capsule, liver, tablet, what is, side effects and skin. These searches indicate that consumers are looking to educate themselves on the health benefits of silymarin and are most interested in taking the ingredient orally. While searches show that there is limited awareness about silymarin’s skincare applications, interest in the ingredient could present brands with an opportunity to highlight it in new products, Spate claims. For example, Skinceuticals recently launched a Silymarin CF serum that combines Vitamin C with the natural ingredient.

Phlur Missing Person. The Missing Person scent from fragrance brand Phlur is trending on TikTok, with one creator described its scent as “the feeling of being in love.” Users have posted a rash of reviews of the fragrance on social media.