Beauty Tech Live: Fragrance sampling in the new digital world

Brazilian start-up Noar showcased its digital fragrance sampling device, distributed in partnership with  sampling manufacturer Orlandi, at Beauty Tech Live’s Engagement Lounge today.

Called MultiScent20, the device is described as a new way to sample perfumes in stores or in the direct-sales channel. The tablet-sized device is controlled by a mobile app, where users can browse a fragrance catalog, find product information and choose to sample certain scents, which are then diffused from the MultiScent20 device.

A new version of MultiScent20 features a touchscreen on the device itself. The new version, which is set to launch in two months, locks in between each sampling use. This allows an associate to clean the screen between each use to meet customers’ new shopping needs around hygiene and safety. Orlandi notes the new version may be well-suited to travel retail as users do not need to download an app and can interact with the fragrance sampling tool directly.

Additionally, the new touchscreen version can also be controlled via voice command, bypassing the need to physically touch the screen.

MultiScent20 can integrate up to 20 different fragrances and works with a system of recyclable cartridges, each of which provides a minimum of 100 trials. The product catalog can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the device.

The device disperses what the company calls a “dry odor” which leaves no particles in the air, device or on the user, allowing consumers to sample several scents at once without overly saturating the air.

Brands and retailers can also access user data and information on purchasing habits through the device. In Noar’s administrative system, brands and retailers can access different dashboards to view real-time information which can be applied for marketing and business strategies.

One dashboard shows information on how many devices are in use, how many consumers have used the device, the countries using the device and more. Meanwhile, a fragrance dashboard collects and shows information regarding the number of fragrances available compared to fragrances used, whether consumers are more interested in Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum and regional preferences, among others.

Brazilian company Natura &Co was the first company to use MultiScent20. Natura &Co used the device in brick-and-mortar for a fragrance launch in Malaysia.

The device is also positioned as eco-friendly. MultiScent20 is reusable and cartridges are recyclable, allowing brands to avoid the waste with traditional sampling options.