Beauty Tech Live: Revieve unveils new digital skincare solution

Revieve Co-Founder and CEO Sampo Parkkinen

Beauty tech company Revieve unveiled its latest beauty tech solution in the Engagement Lounge at Beauty Tech Live today.

Skin Coach by Revieve is an AI-powered skincare solution that helps consumers set and achieve skincare goals. The tool enables brands to better understand their consumer and build longer-lasting relationships.

The tool is available across devices, including website, tablet and smartphone, is easy to install and quick to deploy and can be customized to match the brand, Revieve says.

“Engaging with consumers is more important than it has ever been,” said Revieve co-founder and ceo Sampo Parkkinen. “The consumer appetite for digital solutions, personalized engagement and new ways to discover products have all increased. Consumers also want to feel connected to their favorite beauty brands.”

Additionally, consumers now expect beauty brands and companies to have a certain level of digital-driven services. Consumers’ adoption of digital tools in the beauty space is faster than what was expected, added Parkkinen.

“It’s not so much a new innovation in the mind of the consumer, it’s now something that they expect,” he added.

With Skin Coach, customers can build their own Skin Coach profile. By taking a picture, the technology analyzes the consumer’s skin and attributes a score to each part of the face. Users can also personalize the process by entering in their skincare goals and what they want to focus on.

Skin Coach recommends products and routines based on the user’s information and goals, showing which products target which area of the face and how it will change the skin.

The recommendations are also adapted to seasonal changes, such as UV exposure, humidity and pollution levels. Consumers can build morning or evening routines with the tool and easily replace and change products.

Users can track their skincare progress, while the tool also forecasts how the user’s skin will improve if they keep following their routine.

Brands can maximize conversions, Revieve says, by allowing shoppers to buy products directly from Skin Coach. Brands can also add additional content like skincare video tutorials and images.

Importantly, the tool allows brands to collect consumer information.

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