BW Confidential launches Business Intelligence service & fragrance consumer report & data platform

The new The Global Fragrance Consumer Insights Report & Data Platform from BW Confidential & PERFUMIST

BW Confidential, the leading trade media for the international beauty industry, has launched a business intelligence service to provide executives with key data and analysis to better understand today’s market.

The first product from this new service is the Global Fragrance Consumer Insights Report & Data Platform, which BW Confidential has created in collaboration with the world’s leading fragrance app, PERFUMIST.

The Global Fragrance Consumer Insights Report & Data Platform provides exclusive and unrivalled data and analysis of the fragrance consumer globally.

The Global Fragrance Consumer Insights Report & Data Platform is based on data from 112,000 Perfumist users, who interacted with the app’s fragrances, brands and fragrance notes in terms of likes, wishlists and favorite lists. This base of 112,000 users is taken from the more than two million consumers who have downloaded the Perfumist app.

Using this data, we have constructed an in-depth picture of today’s fragrance consumer.

The data covers a total of seven key regions, 2,000 brands, 50,000 perfumes and 300 fragrance notes. All brands are covered, from prestige, to mass to direct-sales companies. All data relates to the year 2021.

The Global Fragrance Consumer Insights Report & Data Platform aggregates and analyzes data on the consumer’s view of fragrance providing a unique outlook on the fragrance market from a consumer perspective and on a global level.

This unique offer consists of access to the full Data Technology Platform, as well as a Report that highlights and analyzes key consumer data.

The powerful Global Consumer Fragrance Insights Data Technology Platform allows users to:

Access the top-100 rankings of most-liked brands, perfumes and fragrance notes among Perfumist users globally and by region

Segment brands, perfumes and fragrance note rankings by region and country

Understand the profile (age, gender…) of consumers who like a particular brand, perfume or fragrance note

Determine market penetration of particular brands, perfumes and fragrance notes

Compare how consumers’ best-liked fragrances relate to other fragrances and brands on the market 

Extract relevant data using a range of filters, thereby offering data tailored to your specific information requirements