Gotha Cosmetics to reveal new trends at MakeUp in Paris


Italy-based Gotha Cosmetics is to present a range of products at next week’s Make Up in Paris trade show focusing on the theme of ‘Realignment’.

The company says that the theme refers to the realignment with ourselves, our workplaces and the planet, following the rapid technological acceleration and changes of recent years. In beauty, this translates as calming products and those centered on wellbeing.

Within this overall concept, Gotha has identified three main trends: Dare to Care, Green Lab, Meta Disruptive.

The Dare to Care trend features products that combine instant and long-term beauty benefits and those that provide results with minimum effort and target all ages, ethnicities and genders. It includes wellbeing products, make-up aimed at self-expression and multi-functional make-up hybrid items.

Green Lab is aimed at consumers who are increasingly demanding safety, quality and transparency from their beauty products. It includes science-backed beauty and lab-grown ingredients claimed to be good for the skin and the planet.

The Meta Disruptive trend encompasses Gotha’s futuristic take on beauty. The company calls this trend its ‘phygital avant-garde collection’. The company says it will cater to consumers’ move into the metaverse.

Gotha Cosmetics will also showcase a new look for its booth at the MakeUp in Paris show. The booth will be enveloped in painted fabric and include an area dedicated to new trends.

The MakeUp in Paris show takes place in the French capital from June 14-15.