Metaverse to be key topic at CES

CES 2022

The metaverse is set to be a key talking point again at tech trade show the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place in Las Vegas in the US from January 5 to 8, 2023.

To respond to the interest in the topic, CES is launching a product category dedicated to the sphere. The Web 3.0 space will encompass metaverse technologies, such as digital assets and blockchain. Innovations from the category will be presented throughout the show floor and in conference programming.

“Most people are familiar with Web 3.0 and the metaverse in terms of gaming. [But] it will show up in other areas at CES, such as healthcare with VR medical training and in beauty to demo products and reduce product waste, which is very important,” Senior Vice President of Membership and CES Sales at Consumer Technology Association Kinsey Fabrizio said.

Amorepacific’s Tonework and Cosmechip

Beauty tech

A string of beauty players are set to exhibit at the show, including L’Oréal and Amorepacific.

Korea-based Amorepacific, for example, received the CES 2023 Innovation Award for two innovations, Tonework and Cosmechip.

Authentic Color Master by Tonework, which received the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the Robotics category, manufactures customized make-up products using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Tonework analyzes a consumer’s skin tone based on AI algorithms, and the machine’s robotics arms then make customized liquid and powder foundation shades and lip products.

The device uses facial recognition technology and color science research to generate the shades. The technologies are currently available in South Korea for Laneige’s Bespoke Neo powder foundation at the brand’s showroom in Myeongdong and at the Foundation Factory at Etude’s store in Sinchon.

Meanwhile, Cosmechip, which received the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the Home Appliance category, creates personalized skincare products. Customers can choose the ingredients they want in the products and the device then makes the formula. The device consists of chips that contain the active ingredients which can be mixed with water. The chips are anhydrous, meaning they can be stored for a long time and easily mixed with water at home.

A bigger edition

This year’s CES is currently 50% larger, in terms of floor space, than 2022’s edition. Some 33% of exhibitors are set to come from outside the US, which is in line with last year’s numbers.

This year’s event also includes 1,000 first time exhibitors. Meanwhile, 1,000 start-ups will present innovations; the start-up space will include 20 country pavilions.