VivaTech cancels June show amid COVID-19 restrictions, looking at alternatives

International technology fair Viva Technology’s June 11-13 show in Paris has been canceled due to the escalation of COVID-19. The event organizers say alternative solutions are being considered and they will make an announcement soon.

The French containment measures make it impossible to continue preparing the event, organizers say, especially since, as announced, the containment is likely to be extended, as has been the case in China or Italy.

VivaTech managing director Julie Ranty said : “The co-presidents, Maurice Lévy and Pierre Louette, and I cannot maintain our event in June in this context, even though the health and safety of everyone is our priority. We are studying alternative solutions. This complex period pushes us to even more agility and creativity. Our thoughts are, for the time being, with all those affected by the disease and all the economic players who are going through this crisis. We thank all of our partners who have renewed their support and commitment to building the next edition with us.”