What to look out for at the Fragrance Zone at in-cosmetics


A preview of innovations to be unveiled at in-cosmetics Global’s Fragrance Zone

Exhibitors in the Fragrance Zone at next week’s in-cosmetics Global trade show will showcase a range of new ingredients, technologies and trends that will shape the fragrance industry of tomorrow. As Official Media Partner of the in-cosmetics Global Fragrance Zone, BW Confidential presents a special preview of some of the key innovations set to be unveiled at the event. In-cosmetics Global takes place from April 16-18 at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris, France.


Spanish fragrance company Eurofragance will present its new captive called Euphorion, which is said to convey a sensation of natural freshness.

Euphorion is the first synthetic ingredient of the Captives Collection in Eurofragance’s ICON program, a new strategy to develop a palette that improves the quality and sustainability of the company’s fragrances. Eurofragrance claims Euphorion is produced with little energy, generates little waste and offers maximum impact with minimum dosage.

Euphorion, which can be integrated into any product format including fine fragrances, home care and personal-care compositions, has a green scent and is said to intensify the freshness of other ingredients. It also enhances the green character of fruity notes, such as tropical fruit, blackcurrant and grapefruit, and complements woody and spicy notes such as pepper and nutmeg. A second olfactory aspect of the ingredient is its similarity to salty foods and umami, which makes it a possible alternative to sweet gourmand notes.

Eurofragrance states that natural ingredients that evoke a sense of freshness can be difficult to source and reproduce, resulting in perfume houses developing synthetic raw materials.

Eurofragance will demonstrate its initiatives in perfumery by linking them with music during an event at the show. The company will host a live musical performance featuring five exclusive pieces of music composed by Alex Aller, an artist from Sound Earth Legacy, an NGO recognized for its action to preserve the sounds of the earth which could disappear due to climate change. The company’s perfumers have associated five sensorial experiences with the music.

IFF’s in-house natural ingredients arm LMR Naturals will showcase its Active Essences Collection: A fragrance ingredient range offering renewable absolutes and supercritical CO2 extracts processed with upcycled CO2. The three ingredients presented at the show are: Narcisse Absolute Conscious LMR, Pepper Pink CO2 Extract LMR, and Pepper Timur CO2 Extract LMR. The company says that the ingredients have been tested in vitro and demonstrate benefits for the skin, hair and scalp; they are also said to offer emotional and wellbeing benefits.

IFF will also invite visitors to what it describes as an immersive sensory experience, called Divergent Dialogues: Where Art Meets Science in Personal Care Formulations. The experience will showcase eight concept formulations centering on tactile, auditory and olfactory stimulation.

Featuring IFF’s ingredients from the GENENCARE natural active range, AURIST functional range and scent portfolio, the formulations highlight five trends that IFF says will shape the beauty and personal-care industry in 2024: Holistic well-being; sensorial experiences; budget consciousness; sustainable choices, and the new trust equation, which emphasizes a preference for scientifically backed products with proven efficacy and safety.

Spanish fragrance house Iberchem will showcase four fragrances, whose olfactory profiles were inspired by the characteristics of their vials and bottles. The fragrances will be presented in an olfactory exhibition called [Matières] at the show. The company says that the exhibition explores the attributes of a perfume bottle beyond its role as a vessel.

For the project, four perfumers (Luz Vaquero, María Angles Santiago, Sandra Lucas and Sara Maalouf) collaborated with four artists working in four disciplines: Juan and Noelia Alcantara of Nanook (glassblowing), José Soler (steel sculpting), Carmen Brio (ceramics) and Rubén Sabater (3D printing).

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich will present Home of the Senses, a space at its booth focusing on mental well-being. The space will feature a collection of fragrances said to elicit emotions. Using its Emotions technology, Scentmate’s teams have created fragrances that evoke feelings related to happiness, energy and relaxation. The company says that more than 80% of consumers prefer fragrances with emotional and physical benefits.

In addition, Andrea Badia, Claims & Compliance Expert & Coach of Scentmate, will lead a technical seminar on April 18 presenting ‘Focus’, a set of design rules for the creation of fragrances that improve concentration and mental performance. The company says that 65% of consumers find it difficult to concentrate several times a day. The fragrance collection presented at the booth will also feature samples of the design rule fragrance.

Fragrance house CPL Aromas will focus on three themes at the show: Holistic indulgence, conscious care, and sensorial luxury. The holistic indulgence theme highlights the use of fragrance to evoke emotions. Conscious care underlines self-care; here CPL also highlights solid and waterless applications in skincare, in line with its sustainability commitments. Also linked to this, the company will showcase its EcoBoost technology, presenting fragrances without allergen labels. In terms of sensorial luxury, the company will focus on the premiumization of haircare. CPL will show its AromaFusion technology featuring fragrances that evoke nature and have a luxury feel during application, aligning with the trend of quiet wellness in premium haircare.

Botanical ingredients supplier ProTec Botanica will show its new active ingredients collection, called floactiv. The range of natural personal-care active ingredients were created using essential oils and vegetable oils.

Expressions Parfumées, will highlight a new tool for assessing the environmental footprint of fragrance formulas.

Zalabí will present Rosemary Spain Essential Oil, which is described as an intense, sweet, herbaceous aroma for sporty or fresh aquatic scents.

Nako naturals GmbH will highlight fragrances of Japan with its Yuzu Essential Oil. Extracted from yuzu fruit, the essential oil has a fresh citrus scent that is said to be mood boosting and also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.